Thanksgiving 2016

thanksgiving-quote-9It has been awhile since my last newsletter and so much has happened to us all individually and as a country in the US. I try to stay out of the political arena as it brings such strong emotions out in people and there is so much misinformation. It is hard to sift through fact or fiction now more than ever.

In my attempt to rise above ego to find the higher truth, like the hawk in the sky that can see the whole town but also the tiny mouse, I admit to some mourning. Not for who isn’t our president or who is going to be our president. These candidates are just symbols that represent our collective consciousness.  I don’t blame either one. I am, however, saddened that we have created and obviously need this divisive, hate filled energy on some level to shift us. After doing this Angel Lightwork for 50 years and truly lifetimes, I really thought we had come so much further than this. I admit to being weary.


So after giving myself time to feel the frustration and powerlessness, I am taking up my post again to spread love and light to all the dark places. I know as a Lightworker my purpose is to be the best person I can be, love others, learn how to be loved and help others do the same. As an Empath that feels so much, I have had to protect myself from the strong energy of hate, blame, victimness, fear and division that is so strong. Meditation, spending time alone, occasionally cancelling sessions to gain balance and being with loving friends has definitely helped. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

As problem solvers, helpers and not victims, what can we do to help shift the hate and fear back to love? The answer is simple, do anything you are guided to do. I don’t engage in sarcastic conversations with people. I post positive messages online of people spreading love. I keep a bunch of Love Rocks in my car and leave them wherever someone might need a positive message.  I have donated money to organizations that help people that may now be discriminated against. If you see someone being attacked for their skin color, religion, or because of who they love, stand beside them and let them know you care. I also feel like we got beaten up this fall and need to release all that discontent in a healthy way.  You can go outside as I have done and smash eggs against a tree or write down what you want to let go of and burn it to release pent up frustration as we did last weekend in my Angel Light Messenger Course. We are still in the energy of the Super Moon so it is the perfect time to do this.

Most of all, it is our work to remember how lucky we still are to be living in this country and that there is more than enough for us all. If anything threatens to hurt that, I believe in the innate goodness of humanity to unite to change it. Teach others the power of gratitude and that money is just a form of energy. I do something for you, then you do something for someone else and we keep our electricity on. Money doesn’t really exist as a thing. It is unlimited. They say that if we have food in our fridge, clothes on our back, a roof over our head and a place to sleep, we are richer than 75% of the world. Most of us have so much more than that.

As we enter Thanksgiving week in the US, let us be kind to each other and remember all that we have to be grateful for. If you are struggling with family members that have opposing political views, remember that we are way more alike than we are different. We have to be the world of love and cooperation that we seek. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one this holiday season, I pray you feel their loving presence and you are surrounded by the comfort of loving family and friends.


I hope to see you at an individual Session, Workshop or Event soon to share love, learn, and grow together.  The Women’s Play Date on 12/1 will be a blast. For now, I am praying for peace and a wonderful, healthy, abundant Thanksgiving Day surrounded by loved ones for all.

Love, love, love you,
Jackie Eaton xo



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