New Year 2017 Newsletter

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are feeling the opportunity of hope that the New Year always seems to bring. We have some choices to make consciously, this year more than ever. There are the usual ones where we review the last year and resolve to bring more health, joy and balance into our bodies, relationships and work life that we may or may not commit to or follow through on. But more importantly, we enter 2017 as a divided nation in our beliefs, desires and vision for our future.

There is a feeling that it is Us vs. Them. So many are feeling superior, arguing and defending positions or at the other end of the spectrum, feeling anxiety or wallowing in despair. What is needed most of all I have been hearing is not a spotlight on our differences but for us to remember that we are all on the same team. We really want the same things. We want to feel safe, have our needs met and to live on a healthy planet with those we love. We also want this planet to be treated with respect. I know most want the same for all of our brothers and sisters in our human family.

The only way to ease the division is through empathy. Some of us may need to try to understand those that are different than us and some of us may need to speak up and advocate for those that may need our assistance. I have been reading “A Force for Good; The Dalai Lama’s Vision for our World” by Daniel Goleman. I highly recommend this beautiful gem that is filled with hope and tools to assist us in being a force for good. As Lightworkers being a force for kindness and love is our most powerful tool to shift us back to a united state. It has always been important but now more than ever we really have to practice what we preach and have learned from our many spiritual courses and books. This comes from moving down into our hearts which fills our mind with love and unites us all as one.

We as spiritual beings having a human experience are all here to make this planet, our country and our smaller communities loving again.  We do this with every little act of kindness towards those we agree with and those we don’t feel we understand. If I am judging you as lazy because you aren’t able to meet your needs independently or selfish because you don’t share your wealth with those less fortunate, I am adding to the toxic soup we are all feeling.  When I am picking a side I have sunk back to the level of ego (Edging God Out) and have forgotten who I am as a Peace Warrior. There is no reason to fight, we all want the same things. There is enough. We are safe. The fear that has fueled this divisiveness is an illusion.

I am passionate about taking back my power right now and throughout this amazing year ahead. This power isn’t ego driven but the incredible power to see and love everyone I encounter as mirrors of beauty and reflections of our highest possibilities. I choose to power this planet with the deepest compassion I am capable of through generosity and empathy. In order to do this I am committing to also give this to myself by finally making my physical, spiritual and emotional health a priority. Without it I will not have energy to share.

The veil is so much thinner so our ability to manifest what we desire or fear is so much quicker. We can’t afford to spend time endlessly worrying, imagining or talking about worse case scenarios without feeling the negative effects.  Seeming random thoughts become physical in a minute lately. I am sure you have noticed it. I had a seeming random thought yesterday morning about jeans I had been looking for in the fall.  I found the exact pair I wanted that fit fabulously for $15 at a store where I was looking for something else entirely! I know this is a silly example, but it reminded me of how powerful our thoughts and intuition are in guiding us. The more we consciously work with our thoughts and intention to attract our desires, the quicker we can share our abundance and teach others how capable they are to manifest their own needs and desires just as easily. We can support and empower others without carrying them.

For 2017 I see we have 2 choices.  One of these choices is to jump into the toxic waters and karma swirling that may not be ours to fix and have a very bumpy, scary ride and possibly make things worse.  Our second choice is to stay grounded and focus on our job as beacons of love sharing our compassion, physical resources and spiritual tools as needed. I am filled with hope that we are going to choose the latter and take advantage of the year ahead to truly live and be the spiritual tools we have gathered over many years.

A dear friend shared with me years ago that she comes up with a word that sums up what she wants for herself in the year ahead. I have found it to be amazingly powerful and fun.  There are no rules.  Make a list of a goal or what you desire to release, be, do, feel or have in the year ahead.  See if there is a word that encompasses it all.  I usually sit with it for a few days and keep tweaking it until I feel a “YES!  That is it.”  You can even try them out with a friend to get help with ideas, but it is only you that will know when it is just right.  When I think I have it, I look up its definition. Sometimes that adds even more magic and power to your word’s intention.

After much deliberation my word this year is Well-being.  I want it for myself and all of us in a profound and powerful way.  The definition is “a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity.” This word for me is a call to action to balance self love and care while assisting in the well-being of others without draining my energy or resources.  What is your word for 2017? I would love to hear what it is, add my love and prayers and cheer you on.

I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for allowing me another year of being a witness to your wishes, dreams, loss, disappointments  and pain. I am so grateful for your trust and the referrals of your loved ones this past year and in all the years to come. I promise to always treat their beautiful hearts with tenderness and love. I send you, all those we love and even those that are hard for us to love, this beautiful planet, all humanity, the animals, plant life, water and air, blessings of well-being in this hope filled, year ahead.

love, Love, LOVE you all,

Jackie xo

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