June 2016 Newsletter~ Cleansing through Past Life Healing

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I  have been facilitating many Past life Healing sessions recently and find them to be the most powerful work I am blessed to witness. Empowering others is my biggest passion and past life work is the ultimate empowering, healing experience.  I get to be the gentle, loving guide assisting you on a journey back in time to another body to experience, heal, cleanse, learn and most importantly bring the lessons and blessings back to the body and life you are in now. Instead of me channeling the messages, you get to receive the healing first hand. I have found this personally in the many lifetimes I went to in my Certification training with Brian Weiss and with my clients over the past 12 years to be deep, permanent and life changing.

If you have been contemplating this experience the timing now is perfect.  It is impossible not to feel the frustrating & loud current negativity of the planet and especially in the US right now. However, there is something so much deeper, purer and beautiful going on under it all if you are able to turn off the noise and tune in. This requires us to stand strong in healthy, grounded, human bodies and emotionally nonjudgmental minds while connected to our higher Spirit enough to sense it though.
In other words, we have to clean out the junk of our root chakra, tribal, familial or ancestral patterns that often unconsciously run programs in our mind and lives. We have been given the opportunity to sift through the swirling energy and find its gift. What we see externally is usually a manifestation or reflection of what is unhealed inside and what we pay attention to expands. As the lower energies vie for our attention we also have the option to access the gifts of this season in the Spring cleaning of our homes, closets, bodies and lives. Also, many planets are in retrograde which means they appear to be moving backwards. This gives us the added support of time being on our side to deal with the areas of our lives where we appear to be stuck.
You might feel like you are a plane circling around, not being able to land, get traction, feel peace or move forward with your dreams.  I hear so loudly when I pause, “Gentle, my love…” as I get frustrated with feeling that my energy or the planet’s is lower than usual lately. Then I give in and honor my need for more rest and to be out in nature.  Sitting with my back against my favorite tree in the sunshine feels so good!  Also, bringing myself back to the moment I am in or “being where my butt is” as the Angels taught me is so simple but profound along with noticing my shallow breath and consciously deepening it.
My prayer for us all is that we take advantage of the added blasts of energy from above and below to spring clean our hearts this season and not get stuck in the lower energies.  I love how the the energy of the planet works with the Law of Attraction in such a Divine dance of perfect timing to assist us. The synchronicities always make me so happy and remind me that all is well, always, despite the outward energies I sense of fear & mean spiritedness.
I would be happy to facilitate a visit back in time to another lifetime that may be causing you pain or feeling stuck in this lifetime.  Please note the coupon on the bottom of this newsletter as my gift or maybe sign or nudge from your Spirit team.  For now:
I ask for Divine healing energy to cleanse and release what no longer serves our bodies, minds and Spirits at this time of great change.
I ask it to be sent out to all all those we love & even those that are hard to love if it’s for the Highest good of all.
May we dwell in our hearts.
May we be free from suffering.
May we be at peace and healed completely now and forever.
And may Divine Love guide us always, in all ways.
I don’t know about you but I feel lighter already.  I’m going out to take a Full moon bath.  It’s a beauty tonight! If I can help, I am here.  I will be adding more workshop dates to my calendar in the next few weeks.  Let me know if there is one you are interested in.  I have a variety of private sessions in Cumberland, RI or over the phone that you can book online, Workshops and a trip to Iceland in the fall with a few spots that just opened up.  Let me know if you are guided to join us.
Until I see you again, walk with me in Spirit in the light of peace, love & JOY.
love, Love, LOVE you all,
Jackie Eaton
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