Winter 2018 ~ Permission to Be

After the holidays in New England when the cold weather really sinks in, there is a stillness and lack of motivation to accomplish that is uncomfortable for us doers. I offer you this simple message as I am offering to myself today. Be compassionate with your tired self. You don’t need to move and check things off your long list right now. You are not lazy or any other mean thing you are saying to yourself. You are completely and totally loved right now, calling out of work, laying on the couch, taking a nap, a bath, reading a book or putting your pjs on at 4pm or staying in them all day. I give you permission to be nice to you. I know you are giving it to me too. Let’s allow our heart and soul to guide this day.

The time will come when we are again filled with energy and ready to shine our light for the world. Right now, today, and maybe tomorrow or even the next day, God and the Angels are taking care of everything. You just let the Universe shine its beautiful light upon and through your weary body, down into the the crystal center of Mother Earth to heal her too. Allow her to vibrate her grounding, nourishing well being back up into your feet, your whole body and out to bless the furthest star. It is time for YOU to be filled my sweet, wonderful friend.

Every New year I come up with an intention in the form of a word that acts as a guide post for me in the coming year. Thank you Regina Hamilton for the idea. Last year my word was Well Being. For me this word encompassed health, self acceptance and love, as well as the action step of filling my well with being instead of doing. Somewhere along the way I left that word behind and again became a Well Doer. With some judgment I noticed that this pattern had re-emerged with a vengeance but continued to forge ahead. A nasty bout of asthmatic bronchitis has finally quieted my mind enough to listen to what my body and heart needs.

I am now lovingly, as I would generously offer you, shifting back to filling my well with being.  So, Well Being is again my 2018 guide post. As I learned in Alanon many years ago, it is progress not perfection. I am adding an aid to remind me though. I am putting an alarm on my phone to go off twice a day and when it vibrates I will tune in and gently ask myself, “What does my body and heart need right now?” with the goal to give myself what I need. What is your intention for 2018? Can you put it in the form of a word? I would love to hear what it is and add my love and encouragement.

In this time of great changes it is more imperative than ever that we release patterns that don’t serve us, not with self hate and guilt but with love and radical acceptance. These unhealthy patterns are a reflection and mirror to the lower energies we see in our world. The change never needs to occur outside of us and as we shift back to love we influence the entire planet. The feminine energy of love, compassion, intuition and creativity is growing stronger day by day. I am offering a Goddess Gathering early February to inspire us to live Her loving message.

If I can assist you on your journey, please set up an appointment and we can connect with your Beings of love and light. They offer such incredible guidance and clarity, when we remember to ask and give space to listen. If there is a workshop you are interested in, let me know and we can set up a date. For now, know that my prayer for us all is that we release what no longer serves us and remember how deeply we are loved and safe, now and always.

Love you from the deepest place in my heart to the furthest star,

Jackie Eaton xoxo

Angelights 2018 New Year’s Prayer

Dear God, Universe, Mother Earth and sweet New Year 2018,

Pour sparkling blessings of love, good health, peace and abundance in all its many forms upon us this year creating a tsunami of JOY on this planet.

We promise to do our part by remembering that we are ONE humanity and that our work here is to build each other up and resist our ego’s urge to tear each other down.

In love and deep respect,

Your humble, imperfect earth humans,


  1. Laura Mira says:

    “Love Thyself, as God Loves Us”

  2. Wendy Matheson says:

    ‘Great full’ in 2018 and grateful for your Light, Jackie❣️

  3. Barbara Swanson says:

    Know that God’s grace fills you daily.

  4. Metta, Metta prayer….. loving kindness & good will toward oneself and others. 💜

  5. Karline Wild says:

    Thank you, Jackie, for the love you share, the encouragement you provide, and the motivation you give to help us shine our light at brightly as we can! Sending you love, light, Angels, and prayers to continue your journey with all of us! ❤️❤️✨✨😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. Karen Fleming says:

    Loved reading this Jackie! Love to you and your family. Xo

  7. Cathy Walls says:

    Thank you Jackie for those wonderful, centering words. I love your idea about setting your alarm to remind you of your intention. My intention for the year ahead is Surrender and Letting Go. Trusting in the universe! Sending you much love and gratitude!

  8. Louise Vadeboncoeur says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for your light and beautiful energy.

  9. Michelle A Couture says:

    Thank you for your beautiful New Year’s message. Reflecting on my word for the year I think it will be “breathe” . For it is in the breath that we allow ourselves to pause, recenter and give our-self space while connecting with our higher self to figure out ” what is it that i need in this moment?” Breathing connects us to God and I can always use more of his love. I just need a reminder to breathe and to know we are not alone.
    Sending you and your family much love , joy and peace in the year ahead.

  10. Kathleen O'Kane says:

    Jackie, Thank you for sharing this journey and shining your Light. The reading was Amazing. A thousand
    “thank you’s” My word is PEACE. oxoxo

  11. “Free” 😇. Thank you for sharing Jackie. Great to hear this! Always have loved hearing and reading from you! Glad to re connect. I Miss Angel Valley!! #bestjourneyever. Hugs and blessings -Kelly

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