Winter 2018 ~ Permission to Be

After the holidays in New England when the cold weather really sinks in, there is a stillness and lack of motivation to accomplish that is uncomfortable for us doers. I offer you this simple message as I am offering to myself today. Be compassionate with your tired self. You don't need to move and check things off your long list right now. You are not lazy or any other mean thing you are saying to yourself. You are completely and totally … [Read more...]

January 2015~ You Can’t Do It Wrong!

I hope you are all doing well.  So many shifts, changes and awakenings.  Can you feel it?  What a wonderful ride we are all on.  Every day feels like a new adventure.  I am flowing, sometimes slipping and sliding, in and out of peace and freedom but mostly allowing the amazing grace of this beautiful life journey.  I hope you are too! I love the Marianne Williamson quote above as it says it so well.  There is no right path.  We are always … [Read more...]