Spring Opportunities 2016

I am so happy spring is here.  Learning how to embrace the stillness and dark of the winter season of our lives can be challenging.  The rewards are huge but I am always so ready to embrace spring’s excitement, beauty and light.  It always feel like a wonderful reward for the effort it takes to do the inner, dark work.


We are here in the season of hope but as we look around it appears to be still dark and the energy is pretty thick. Are you feeling it too?  It is hard to avoid the political craziness as the old systems fall apart and the anger of so many are fueling its demise. I am guided to be alone more, walking outside, sitting in a sunny window, being around gentle, peaceful people & find JOY in the simple things.

I encourage you to avoid all the media hype which wants us to perpetually stay in the dark and fear. Try to bring yourself back to the present moment which is the only place that really exists anyway.  Coloring beautiful mandalas helps me with this. As the Angels told me years ago, “Be mentally, spiritually and physically where your butt is.”  It is our work here on earth to be right here, right now among the craziness and things we don’t understand and choose to be calm, peaceful and filled with love.

I have wonderful opportunities to share this spring to help with this.  You will gain new skills or take them to the next level, be uplifted, inspired, receive messages and guidance while ALWAYS surrounded by loving, accepting, like minded, new and old friends. The first I am most excited about!!!

~Please join us if you need to get away and are being called to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona for a powerful, healing, life changing  Retreat.  I have been blasting the Spirit World with requests that you will have the financial support, time off, child care and anything else you need to make it work.  PLEASE Email me if you need help making it work and we can come up with a solution.

~I have space in the Angel Light Messenger 7 week Certification course starting on, of course, 4/4 from 6:30- 9pm.  This is an Angelic/ Intuitive/ Psychic development workshop that will give you the tools to connect with the Spirit World for yourself & others as well as so much more.  All levels are welcome.

~A Reiki I class is available on 4/2 as well as a Reiki Master Practitioner (III) class on 4/17 if you are ready to use this simple but profoundly powerful healing modality for yourself and those you love.

~I continue to do private readings called Angelic Empowerment sessions over the phone and in Cumberland, RI as well as Coaching sessions if you want ongoing, loving asssitance to meet your goals.  Past Life Regressions & Reiki sessions are available too.

I hope to see you soon. For now I am praying that any storms swirling through our lives pass swiftly and that we take a breathe to notice the rainbows that are always present. Even though we may only see the pain or dirt right now, the seeds we are planting are taking root. Hope is the powerful fertilizer to bring the blessings that are on its way.  I wish everyone of all faiths peace, joy and hope this wonderful week & season of hope.

love, Love, LOVE you all,

Jackie Eaton


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