Angelic Empowerment Healing Sessions

Each session is unique and specific to each individual’s needs, struggles and imbalances and incorporates loving connections & messages of empowerment from the Spirit World including Angels & Deceased loved ones as well as psychic messages, healing through Angel TherapyTM , Spiritual counseling, mentoring & the Energy healing modalities of Reiki if you desire it.   Sessions are held in Cumberland, RI or distantly over the phone by appointment only.

One hour session: $195


“I wanted to let you know that it was 10 years ago I had my very first reading with you! I can’t even believe it.  As many people tell you…. you have changed my life forever with that reading in such a positive way! I learned so very much from you & in turn am helping others grow as well. I consider you my gift in so many ways & keep referring people to you! Much love to you.”  Deb Squizzero
“I wanted to thank you for the session today.  I felt a burden was lifted &I feel much more peaceful than I have in months. It is so wonderful that you can do this for those of us who want & need it! Again, I thank you so much.”   Ellen, SC
“I wanted to thank you for an amazing reading yesterday.  I feel like a whole new person – renewed, re energized and ready to go!!  I so needed those messages – more than you could imagine!!  My thanks again to you!”   Kevin
“My reading was amazing! Thank you so much for bringing me such needed messages.  I can’t wait to talk with you again in the future.  Peace and God’s blessings.”   Barbara
“Thank you for all of your time & energy today.  I feel hopeful & plan to put into action so many of the concepts we discussed.  I know it’s early, but I feel that today was life changing!  Thank you for sharing your gift!”  Lisa, RN

“I wanted to let you know that I have reflected back many, many times on the reading & guidance you gave me back in July. I keep growing every time I go back to those notes. They are like gold to me!! I just wanted to let you know how much our session has helped me grow over these short few months!!! Amazing!!! Thank you again & keep bringing your light to all of us!! WE NEED YOU!!!!  Much Love,”  Debbie

“Wow! Our time together was indeed special & EXACTLY a connection with my heart I have been longing for.  Thank you so very much for being in your truth, listening to & trusting your heart & healing soul.”    Marie
“Thank you, Thank you!  The reading went into my iCloud email.  That is so cool as it is from you the Earth Angel & all those beautiful beings of love and light. I need to keep reading it to keep myself motivated & confident!  I am so grateful you are in my life. You’ve helped me with everything. I hope you know how awesome you are Jackie.  I am only one person who thinks that. I know you have thousands of ppl who feel the same as me.”  Jillian
” I just feel the need to email you…first THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  I can’t say that enough!  I am feeling AMAZING!  I cannot put into words how much I truly needed you & my angels.  Everything that I was questioning & worrying about has been put at ease…like ‘okay, I can do this, its going to be okay.’  I feel re-energized.  I feel like I can breathe.  Again this is so hard to put into words but the point is  Thank you!! I truly, truly need you.  Until next time.  xoxo”    Jodie
“Olivia said, ‘that was the best meeting of my life.’  When we got home she made this duct tape angel. She is love and light. Thank you so much.”   Susan
“I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have brought onto myself & my family. I pray to the divine to help all your needs because you deserve it. I don’t ever want to lose contact with you, you’re a very loving person.”    Claudia. FL
 “Thank you again Jackie it was an amazing experience that I had with our session this week.   When I listened to my session again on the recorder I heard so much more! You have a beautiful gift! Thank you for the blessing of some healing in my soul!!”     Allison
“Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday! Thanks again for the wonderful reading. You are so incredibly insightful and I feel so fortunate to have you right up the road from me. ”    Darlene
“Thank you Jackie. I appreciate you & all you do!  I always have a sense of peace when I leave you.”  Holly

“I had a reading with you last summer. You are amazing !! I never got to tell you how you helped me with issues I had struggled with for many years. I got the messages that helped me understand and move beyond feelings I had had regarding people who had been in my life. It immediately shifted things and I was able to heal. Thank you for all that you do.”  Jane

“Thank you so much for the reading!  When I went through my mail I opened a letter from my insurance company saying that they will pay me $300 just for making an appointment with my primary physician, which I had already done! And the money energy has started to flow!  I also told my husband about his father saying that he was sorry. He said “I guess it is time for me to let all of that go.”  Major stuff.”   Danielle

“Thank you so much for the incredible reading. I have received many readings & this session with you has been one of the most useful & profound!  I love how in tune you are with the spirit realm & at the same time so grounded, graceful, & down to earth.  The information was useful & real, a true inspiration for action.  I’ve since had a conversation with someone I was seeking guidance around, & the insights you offered about our connection were so right on that things were being said almost verbatim to what you had seen. It certainly helped me navigate more powerfully, lovingly, & clearly.  Once again thank you for the insightful light work that you do!”  Cristie, Oregon

“You were able to validate my feelings which made me feel so much better!  I felt lighter when I left.  Your accuracy of his personality was amazing!  I’ve been seeing a lot of 332, 322 and 223 lately and now I know why – all about keeping up the Faith!   I cannot THANK YOU enough! See you soon!”   Carrie

“Thank you so very much for my reading.  I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that the day after my Best Friend’s Memorial service I would be genuinely smiling.  I no longer feel incredible crushing loss.  I know he is with me everywhere. And not just for the occasion of stress and emergency but for the everyday mundane aspect of life.  Thank you again for your amazing gift to me!!!”   ~ Judi, England

“I love referring people to you because you change lives for the better.  Another RN I work with came to my office to rave about you.  I just wanted to let you know how amazing people know you are, and how you heal them beyond what you probably know.”  Karen D


Angelights Coaching & Empowerment Program

Allow Jackie to assist you in an ongoing way as your loving coach, mentor & guide. She is happy to continue to support, encourage & assist you create & move into YOUR most Outstanding life. Jackie will share her experience & techniques to help you create awareness & forward motion toward your dreams. Some things you can be coached on include but aren’t limited to, improving your career, finances, relationships, confidence, business, helping you discover your life’s purpose, self love & acceptance or anything else that you desire. You will have a powerful ally that is cheering you on, giving you tools and helping you stay focused so you can meet your goals. Each 30 minute phone session occurs every other week.

Coaching packages:

4 sessions ~ $400
6 sessions ~ $555
8 sessions ~ $722
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“You have guided me to openly confront situations….simple & complex & feel grateful after.  I am slowly understanding why I needed to be me &  trust what I needed to do. Simple, but the lesson….so special. Thanks Girl!”  Joanne, NY

“The coaching sessions I have had with Jackie have extended beyond the specific situations I bring up.  They have given me very specific steps and tools that allow me to act from a position of love instead of fear.”  Adriene

“Through coaching with Jackie, she has empowered me to identify, understand and most importantly transform the repetitive challenges that have formed the ongoing dynamics of my life. These challenges no longer keep me stuck in my history, but become the lens through which I can know more about my own path of evolution. This I believe is the environment in which divine guidance can fully thrive.”  Lisa, NY

“Coaching with Jackie is like coming home to who I am. Her guidance is authentic, her M.O. is compassion- the result is personal growth through affirmation and support. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone seeking to evolve.”  Barbara, NY


Past Life Regression Sessions

Through focused attention in a relaxed state you will be gently guided back to a past life in order to gain clarity and allow healing in this lifetime. Past Life Regressions may help you to release fears, blocks to moving forward, phobias, repeated negative patterns and blocks to living your authentic life. This is a very safe & gentle process that you direct & that was taught to Jackie in her week long training with Brian Weiss, bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Master & many other books. Sessions are held in Cumberland, RI.

90 minute sessions: $250


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our session. It was very surprising as I didn’t know what to expect.  I am still telling myself, did I make that up?  How could that happen? How could I have a memory of past lives?  In the end it really doesn’t matter because love is an extremely powerful & unstoppable force that carries itself across oceans of time.  That feeling that there is always hope no matter how lost or how dark things seem.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening the door.  Happily,”  Olivia

“Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful past life regression yesterday. I feel such healing in all parts of me. I woke up today & did a happy/joy dance in front of my mirror while brushing my teeth. I love me!! And that is translating through every fiber of my being a million fold! You are amazing, so special and filled with love. I love your healing space & will definitely come back for more!  Meanwhile, thank you.   Kate, MA


Angelic Reiki sessions

Reiki is the energy of life itself & not connected to any religion or belief system.  It flows through all of us at all times.  A Reiki session can promote & restore balance to the body, mind & spirit. This powerful, loving energy is channeled through Jackie’s hands while you lie down comfortably on a massage table, fully dressed. She will call on the Archangels to cleanse & uplift your physical & emotional body & chakras.  Most feel very peaceful & may even fall asleep, as well as heat at the area where the Reiki is being sent.  The session feels like you experienced an internal massage even though you are barely being touched or not touched at all.

One hour session: $90