Practicing Ishvara~ Releasing What We Cannot Control

Happy Fall! I hope and pray your transition is going smoothly and you are grounding yourself as we weather the global and personal storms swirling around. Having spiritual practices to anchor our minds, bodies and spirits and a community that is consciously choosing love over fear is essential to our health at this time of great awakening.

One of my essential twice weekly practices is yoga. The focus of last week’s class was Ishvara. Our beautiful Angelights soul sister, Charlene of Joyful Bliss Yoga, explained, this is the practice of releasing what we cannot control. Hmmm…what a time for that! As more is coming up to be healed in all the aspects of our personal and global lives this sometimes feels impossible. There are so many opportunities to be  triggered throughout the day.

The recent #metoo trend of acknowledging our individual experiences as woman of sexual harassment and/ or assault is also an opportunity to practice Ishvara. There were more than 12 million Facebook posts, comments and reactions in less than 24 hours. Who knew so many of us share such an awful experience? Definitely, not me. It is incredibly sad and at the same time liberating to know we are not alone. I have shared my experiences of being molested by a physician as a 12 year old many times in workshops and sessions. This is not to be a victim but to show that I have not only survived but thrived. But with this recent global sharing and daily new stories of the abuse of power, we as women and the awesome men who love us are creating a new world. If it is true that we are only as sick as our secrets, we can look forward to an enormous healing on the horizon.

What would ishvara say to this? We must release the past and heal the feminine wounds of powerlessness, shame and anger knowing that by sharing our stories we become one energy of light taking back our Divine power. The abusers are finally being held accountable for their actions and all men are being educated in how they may have been part of the problem or can be a part of the solution. The #Howiwillchange response by men is a great start.

Ishvara can also help us when we feel afraid and anxious. Our ego or lower self may focus our attention on worse case scenarios making us more anxious. It wants us to find a solution or someone to blame. If it becomes too much, we may distract ourselves with shopping, TV, food, alcohol or any other way to numb the anxiety. None of these address the root of the problem. They just add to the chaos of our mind, bodies and world.

I heard clearly in yoga that Ishvara in action is asking myself, “Am I adding to the chaos or the peace with my thoughts, words or actions right now?” Ahh… that is very clear isn’t it? It’s a simple way to release the runaway train of negative thoughts, stops our racing to control, asks us to be in that uncomfortable moment and allows us to pause. We can take a breathe then and answer honestly. If it is chaos I am adding to, I can make a different choice. I have been practicing this and the answer is always so clear. It is a more concrete way that my left or logical brain can easily relate to. As I answer, it releases the grip of my anxious/monkey mind and drops me down into my gentle, loving heart. We all want to create peace and not chaos.

Why does this seem so simple yet hard to practice? Our mind is powerful and filled with so many fears. It believes that by controlling our outer world, we will be safe. We know intellectually that this is futile. We have been conditioned though in the masculine energy that says you can’t get where you want to go unless you plan, act, and even force solutions if needed. Thankfully, the planet isn’t running this program energetically anymore. This is where the chaos comes in. We are still acting on this unconscious conditioning.

The Angels gave me the analogy that if we want to cross the river and are utilizing our masculine energy, we have to build the darn bridge. Sometimes we get half way across and realize we want to be somewhere else but we force ourselves to keep going as we made the commitment and that is what society, our culture or our root chakra survival energy things we must do to survive. The program running now is a balance of the masculine and feminine. But most of us have no clue how to utilize this female energy as we don’t have much practice utilizing it consciously. If you want to cross the river utilizing your feminine energy you wait for a rock to show up and another and another. This allows you to change directions as needed and then act with your masculine energy from a guided place utilizing your intuition instead of reacting or lashing out from fear. The seeming patriarchal energy is dying a slow, painful death but actually appears stronger than ever. Don’t be fooled as this is just an illusion.  It is very loud and arrogant right now but not powerful. When we are fooled and believe it, we add to the problem instead of the solution.

So even though Ishvara seems difficult it really is the easiest, least painful and most beneficial choice to make. As we release the control we never really had and focus on what we can control like our attitude, perspective, intuition, ability to ask for help from our Spiritual guidance team and spend time in silence holding space for this new world, we create more peace. The urgency, energy drain and fear naturally melt away. Ishvara is not passive but a very active process. Each time the fears come in we must act by asking, “Am I adding to the chaos or peace here with my thoughts, words or actions?” The amount of peace we add to the planet just be releasing attachments and trusting is unimaginable. Tony Robbins says that if a golfer changes their swing by 2mm (or the space between these dots: .  .) the ball will go in a totally different direction. This process is so simple yet so powerful. Please join me in practicing Ishvara this season as our bodies, minds and spirits must be at peace first before we can spill it over into our world.

On that note, all of my workshops and gatherings are offered virtually now so you can join us wherever you are. All you need is a smart phone, laptop or computer.  I am also in the process of creating an unconditionally loving, virtual space for us to gather and support each other on a regular basis across the globe in living our most joyful, meaningful and authentic lives. Stay tuned for the next steps on Angelights magical adventure! I will share the details as soon as the final rock is revealed.

Can’t believe we are in our 16th year already. Thank you for traveling this journey with me and sending your family and friends. It is my greatest honor to walk this path of light and love with all of you at this time of great awakening and change. I continue to send you, all those we love and even those that are hard to love so much peace and comfort.  Hope to see you soon at a session, workshop, event or tour. Again, All classes and events are now available virtually through zoom which is a free service and thank goodness easy to use on your phone, laptop or desktop. A beautiful soul sister joined the last Angel Light Messenger course from North Carolina. Email me for details.

love you all,

Jackie xo


  1. Allison Couture says:

    Thank you Jackie for your empowering words and prayers. You always seem to be in tune with where my thoughts or needs are at the moment!

    Life seems to go faster and I need the reminders to slow down, breath, enjoy the moment. I’m learning to live in the moment and be more in silence, listening to where I am. All so I can be where I need to be, where I am supposed to be!

  2. Actively practicing Ishvara because of your guidance
    along with our angels! Thank you!

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