March 2016 Newsletter- Rising Above the Chaos

hawk cropped 2

My hawk friend brought a sign of love and support from the Earth and Heavens when I needed it most in 2007 as I sat in our Angelights Healing Space.

Not sure how you are feeling but I am happy to say goodbye to February.  It has been an intense month.  I spent lots of time looking up at the sky as the chaos swirled around us all and asking… Really?!?!  We are being tested to hold our balance on so many levels.  Positive outcomes that I see clearly for many are taking so much longer to manifest but then we think a random thought and it happens.  Funeral after funeral, (in our family, we had 4 to go to last Tuesday AM), seeming senseless suffering, health issues, potential leaders promoting hate and the masses jumping to support them creates a palpable feeling of anxiety that at times is hard to separate from. Physically, many sensitive ones are feeling body aches, vivid & strange dreams and/ or insomnia, digestion issues, headaches & exhaustion. The full moon last Tuesday was a doozy and felt like we were getting hit when we were already down.  I felt the need to retreat & rest more as the energy felt so heavy.

But as always, things are never as they appear to our lower, human minds. We have the opportunity to rise above the earthly things we are seeing and that seem so real right now and remember the truth. All is well. The hawk has been a teacher of this to me for years as he can see the whole town but also the tiny mouse on the ground. He teaches us that we also have the power within us to rise high above it all and see the big picture, higher spiritual truth, message or even more important, gift of our situations when the earthly chaos seems so real.

I was contemplating my message this month and the symbolism of the hawk came to me this afternoon as I was driving. Within seconds a hawk swooped in front of me & landed on the grass in the middle of the highway which solidified it.  Throughout the craziness of this month I am sure you have also been receiving signs from our Creator and the Angels’ grace & love touching you. If you aren’t sensing signs and feel alone, start turning your attention away from your thoughts and into the present moment. I promise you, the signs will jump out at you.

So what is really going on?  The extremes are still just as prevalent and appear to be getting stronger.  The wise hawk in the sky would say they are just loud not strong.  Hate & pain don’t really have the power that love does.  So we have a choice to feel overwhelmed and powerless or gather our strength and stand in the power of love even more.  We have to rise above it and know the truth even with evidence to the contrary.  This is what we as Helpers came to do, hold the faith even as the storm swirls.  This is our time to be the sturdy vessels that we are. We have not been abandoned. We always have what we need. As William Shepp said so well, “A ship is safe in the harbor but that’s not what ships are for.”  Our sails are stronger than they appear to be.

My favorite song during this earthly storm is appropriately called “I have faith”  by Karen Drucker.  Click on the link and enjoy the words that are a soothing balm that calms my human mind.  It is a wonderful gift that fills me with hope and peace when I struggle getting to the hawk in the sky higher place of knowing that all is really well. Spending time with love minded friends balanced with time alone also helps so much.

I have many opportunities to gather with others to grow, learn and share.  Check out my calendar and see what feels right.  I have some spots left in the Sedona, AZ Retreat in May and the Iceland trip in October.  If you are seeking messages from the Spirit world, you can make an appt here.  I hope to see you soon.  For now I am praying for safe spaces to recharge & nourish our Spirits and bodies as needed during these times of chaos, support so we don’t feel alone and strength to sustain us.

love, Love, LOVE you all,

Jackie Eaton

overcoming difficulties
This card was pulled in the Stillness and Healing Gathering tonight and I just pulled it again now.  YAY! You really can’t make this stuff up.  It is one of my favorite cards in Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards. They knew what we needed.  Sometimes it feels like we are in the dark at the bottom of that mountain but the Angels say we are really always able with their help to rise above our struggles and choose freedom and faith.

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