Friends of Angelights

Here is a list of my friends who are doing an incredible job of spreading love, light, and healing or making our lives easier with their services. Check frequently as more will be added.  If you are guided, visit their powerful sites and bless them with your beautiful light, love and abundance.  I pray that you will bring each other many blessings.

Abraham Hicks
Esther and Jerry Hicks of the Law of Attraction offer a wealth of information.  Subscribe to their daily quotes for free.

Acupuncture Healing Arts Center
Wonderful acupuncturist and healer in Gales Ferry, CT.  She is worth the drive!!!

Balanced Interiors
Helping people create supportive and purposeful environments that inspire and empower them.

Celestial Insights                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Wonderful astrologist & spiritual guide that is so filled with wisdom and compassion.

Healing in Harmony
Experience integration of body, mind, heart & spirit.  Find inner harmony as you heal at this Massage Therapy and Wellness Center.  Kerri, Kristy (massage therapists) and Lindsay (facials, nails) are AWESOME!

Ribbon Breath
Powerful energy healer and author of the Ribbon breath meditation CD.

The Right Click
A wonderful, customer service oriented, computer services company in RI.

Soul Purpose Business Solutions
A company designed to fully support service-based business women build an online business.

Studio Exhale, Cranston, RI
Wonderful healing center whose intention is to enrich life, encourage health, happiness and expression through the power of yoga, movement & breathe.

Synfully Sweet T reats, Windham, NH
Scrumptious treats for parties, showers, weddings or any occasion.

Learn more about Tong Ren from Tom Tam, the founder’s powerful, informative website.

The Wellness Boutique
Receive exceptional customized therapeutic services including massage therapy, skin care treatments, reflexology and reiki by a polished team of professional and unique therapists to promote balance in your life.

Wind & Water Design
Knowledgeable & gifted Feng Shui practitioner who helps improve the energy flow in your home or office.