New Year 2017 Newsletter

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are feeling the opportunity of hope that the New Year always seems to bring. We have some choices to make consciously, this year more than ever. There are the usual ones where we review the last year and resolve to bring more health, joy and balance into our bodies, relationships and work life that we may or may not commit to or follow through on. But more importantly, we enter 2017 as a divided … [Read more...]

April 2015~ What do I want to add to or be in this moment?

How are you feeling these days?  The energy is really swirling especially the last few weeks with the Spring equinox, New Moon & Solar eclipse.  I don't consciously follow the astrological cycles but am often awakened to them by how I feel. It's always validating to know why I am feeling energized, depleted or off in some way. I had been feeling like I was in a race against time even when I didn't need to rush alternating with the … [Read more...]

February 2014 Newsletter- Go Be Love

Hello my friends, The snow just keeps coming here in New England and in many parts of the country. This picture was taken by my wonderful 2nd mom, Joan Eaton, from her kitchen table in Vermont.  Beautiful just like HER! I love to see cardinals in winter.  They are a magical gift in the cold of winter & remind me that there is bright, beautiful life outside even though days are darker.  I feel blessed to glimpse them and they encourage … [Read more...]

Sept- Oct 2013 Newsletter- Balancing With Love

I hope you are all enjoying or at least surviving the transition to fall.  This time of year always feels more like the new year to me then January does. Whether we have children in school or not, you can sense the changes we are all going through as September rolls around each year.  The weather changes, school buses, the stress in stores of parents and kids preparing for their new schedules and adventures.  I sense so many different … [Read more...]

May 2013 Newsletter- The Power of Acceptance

I had a totally different newsletter planned for this month but need to acknowledge something historical that happened here in RI this week.  This exemplified again for me the triumph of Love over hatred, judgment and fear.  As many of you know, Rhode Island became the 10th state to approve Marriage Equality for all.  I have so many gay and lesbian friends and family members that I have never understood the controversy.   To me they are not … [Read more...]