June 2016 Newsletter~ Cleansing through Past Life Healing

I  have been facilitating many Past life Healing sessions recently and find them to be the most powerful work I am blessed to witness. Empowering others is my biggest passion and past life work is the ultimate empowering, healing experience.  I get to be the gentle, loving guide assisting you on a journey back in time to another body to experience, heal, cleanse, learn and most importantly bring the lessons and blessings back to the body … [Read more...]

Spring Opportunities 2016

I am so happy spring is here.  Learning how to embrace the stillness and dark of the winter season of our lives can be challenging.  The rewards are huge but I am always so ready to embrace spring's excitement, beauty and light.  It always feel like a wonderful reward for the effort it takes to do the inner, dark work.   We are here in the season of hope but as we look around it appears to be still dark and the energy is pretty … [Read more...]

March 2016 Newsletter- Rising Above the Chaos

Not sure how you are feeling but I am happy to say goodbye to February.  It has been an intense month.  I spent lots of time looking up at the sky as the chaos swirled around us all and asking... Really?!?!  We are being tested to hold our balance on so many levels.  Positive outcomes that I see clearly for many are taking so much longer to manifest but then we think a random thought and it happens.  Funeral after funeral, (in our family, … [Read more...]

Winter 2016 Newsletter ~ A Call to Mediumship

So many share with me their desire to connect with their deceased loved ones.  As a past Hospice RN, Medium, Spiritual counselor full time for the last 14 years & someone who has too many deceased relatives & pets to count, I know that there is nothing harder in the human experience than the death of those we love whether human or pet.  Also, there is nothing more healing & awe inspiring than to sense that they are still with … [Read more...]

New Year’s 2016 Message of Love

Happy New Year my wonderful friends!  There is so much hype about resolutions and reviewing the past year and while I know it can be helpful, it really seems like words.  We resolve to change, get a good start and then before we know it go back to old habits that are often unconscious until the New Year comes around to wake us up again.   We only create through action in the moment. We don't have to wait until the New Year to … [Read more...]

November 2015 Newsletter~ Peace this Holiday Season

Happy November!  Our Angelights group had an amazing time in the Italian Lakes and Switzerland with some George Clooney sightings added in ;)  Thanks Lorna!! Our next adventure abroad is Iceland & the Northern Lights next October.  You can check out all the details here.  I am working on Sedona, Arizona for the Spring.  I'll pass along the details once they are confirmed.  Hope you can join us! We've begun the darker & cooler … [Read more...]

Iceland and Northern Lights Adventure 2016

Join Angelights for our 2016 trip abroad on an adventure to Iceland, filled with dramatic natural wonders. You’ll discover thundering waterfalls, hot springs, steaming lava fields, massive glaciers, thermal springs and volcanic landscapes & with the Angels help, the Northern Lights! This single hotel stay vacation is based in beautiful downtown Reykjavik, packed with of shops, restaurants and nightlife. From here you'll enjoy a … [Read more...]

October 2015~ Need a Light?

I heard the most amazing song by Dierks Bentley called Riser.  It reminds me of all of us, Lightworkers, that work so hard to do the right thing, be there for others and just keep plugging, even when we're exhausted.  As he says many of us are triers, risers, don't run and hiders, fighters for love, survivors. I'm a trier I'm a get down low so I can lift you higher An army couldn’t keep down my desire I'm a riser I'm a get off of the … [Read more...]

September 2015 ~ Change of Season Goals

I have missed our monthly connections but have completely embraced and enJOYed my time off this summer.  I hope you have gotten a chance to BE and soak up the sunshine, beauty, warm breezes and FUN of this season too.   The summer's end and September's beginning has always felt more like a new year to me than January 1st.  As a student myself and then as a mom of kids, this time of year brings great excitement, maybe some anxiety … [Read more...]

June Newsletter~ Flo’s List

Mercury in Retrograde is over.  YAY!  If you're unsure of what this is.  Here is a great article.  What a whirl wind this one was.  I benefited from its gifts of completion though with house renovations but not without some electronic glitches along the way like no washer & dryer for 5 weeks!  As we neared completion, with 4 foster seven week old kittens having diarrhea and my son's college graduation party for 60 with 13 staying for … [Read more...]