Manifesting with the Moon Cycles

Many of us are aware of the moon phases and how they affect us.  Others, as I used to be, don't notice the phases of the moon and their impact on our lives.  Think of the power the moon has on the ocean and waves, on psychological and emotional issues in people, and on the Emergency Rooms and hospitals all over the country.  I learned a few years ago about the power of the moon cycles and their influence on manifesting.  We can capitalize … [Read more...]

What puzzle piece are you?

The spiritual guidance I hear in my Empowerment sessions recently are filled with such incredible encouragement, support and love.  It brings tears to my eyes. The Angels want us to know that they haven't left us.  They are holding us and loving us more than ever.  Living authentically, wanting so much to make a difference in this world that seems to be hurting, trying to get our bills paid, tuning out negativity and the sensory overload … [Read more...]