Madeira, Portugal 2018 Tour

Discover one of Europe’s best kept secrets: the remarkably close and stunningly diverse island of Madeira. Majestic mountains and striking cliffs meet lush vibrant gardens and tremendously blue waters, creating a feast for the senses. Known for mouthwatering seafood and wine, embroidery and wicker crafts, a visit to this culturally rich land is the perfect introduction to our 9-day journey. Return to the mainland to explore Lisbon, Sintra, … [Read more...]

Practicing Ishvara~ Releasing What We Cannot Control

Happy Fall! I hope and pray your transition is going smoothly and you are grounding yourself as we weather the global and personal storms swirling around. Having spiritual practices to anchor our minds, bodies and spirits and a community that is consciously choosing love over fear is essential to our health at this time of great awakening. One of my essential twice weekly practices is yoga. The focus of last week's class was Ishvara. Our … [Read more...]

August 2017~A Lyft Ride Gift

Our young Lyft driver pulled up wearing a surgical mask and I didn't want to get in. I thought, "Oh great, he has a contagious illness." As usual when I make judgments I couldn't have been further from the truth. This would be a ride that would touch my heart and soul for days. He hurriedly explained that he had to wear the mask for 2 1/2 more months as he had a heart transplant. He had experienced 3 heart attacks and a stroke with no … [Read more...]

New Year 2017 Newsletter

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are feeling the opportunity of hope that the New Year always seems to bring. We have some choices to make consciously, this year more than ever. There are the usual ones where we review the last year and resolve to bring more health, joy and balance into our bodies, relationships and work life that we may or may not commit to or follow through on. But more importantly, we enter 2017 as a divided … [Read more...]

Angelights Sedona 2017 Retreat to Reclaim Your Inner Peace and Joy

You are invited to soak up the beautiful, healing energy of Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona this spring.  You will be nurtured with amazing meals, enjoy time alone, as well as gather for group activities including a brand new Angelic Empowerment course, Full moon releasing and so much more while supported by loving, like minded, new friends.  You may arrive tired and questioning the next steps on your journey but are sure to leave … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2016

It has been awhile since my last newsletter and so much has happened to us all individually and as a country in the US. I try to stay out of the political arena as it brings such strong emotions out in people and there is so much misinformation. It is hard to sift through fact or fiction now more than ever. In my attempt to rise above ego to find the higher truth, like the hawk in the sky that can see the whole town but also the tiny … [Read more...]

Sorrento, Italy Adventure 2017

    Join Angelights for another wonderful vacation to one of southern Italy’s top resort areas. Spend seven glorious nights in the beautiful medieval town of Sorrento. Discover an area where artists, writers, kings and emperors have made their homes for over 2000 years.  Our last trip was on 11/11/11.  It is by far my favorite trip we’ve taken so far and we all loved it so much, we are going back!  Hope you can join … [Read more...]

Summer 2016~ Your Piece of the Peace

We are being challenged to hold on tight to our hope and faith that all is well despite outward appearances. It is taking all of our power to hold this knowing as the Fear and Love battle throughout humanity, our lives and the airwaves.  How are you doing?  So many are feeling weary as it seems all of our hard work spreading the light has been in vain. This is our fear speaking though, and it is just not true. Some clarity came to me … [Read more...]

June 2016 Newsletter~ Cleansing through Past Life Healing

I  have been facilitating many Past life Healing sessions recently and find them to be the most powerful work I am blessed to witness. Empowering others is my biggest passion and past life work is the ultimate empowering, healing experience.  I get to be the gentle, loving guide assisting you on a journey back in time to another body to experience, heal, cleanse, learn and most importantly bring the lessons and blessings back to the body … [Read more...]

Spring Opportunities 2016

I am so happy spring is here.  Learning how to embrace the stillness and dark of the winter season of our lives can be challenging.  The rewards are huge but I am always so ready to embrace spring's excitement, beauty and light.  It always feel like a wonderful reward for the effort it takes to do the inner, dark work.   We are here in the season of hope but as we look around it appears to be still dark and the energy is pretty … [Read more...]