August 2017~A Lyft Ride Gift

Our young Lyft driver pulled up wearing a surgical mask and I didn’t want to get in. I thought, “Oh great, he has a contagious illness.” As usual when I make judgments I couldn’t have been further from the truth. This would be a ride that would touch my heart and soul for days.

He hurriedly explained that he had to wear the mask for 2 1/2 more months as he had a heart transplant. He had experienced 3 heart attacks and a stroke with no residual limitations. My husband and I were riding with a living, breathing miracle.

Being curious of all things metaphysical and spiritual, I asked him if he felt a connection to his organ donor. He shared that he was able to meet her family and that they were part of his family now. She was going to Harvard and got hit by a car. She saved 6 lives that day including 2 children that received her kidneys.

Knowing that organs have consciousness, I asked if he felt her personality traits. He excitedly shared that after the transplant every morning at 5am he would instantly awaken with so much energy and the desire to run. He had never run in his life and wasn’t a morning person before this. Also, he had strong, new cravings for green tea and chocolate. He shared this with the organ donor’s mom who explained that she was a marathon runner who got up everyday at 5am and indeed loved green tea and chocolate.

He explained that he recorded the sound of his heart beat and had it placed in a Build a Bear for his organ donor’s mom so she could still hear and feel her child’s heart. His goal is to run a 5k in her honor in October and wants to run a marathon when he is able.

As I arrived at my destination, I hugged this amazing man. I am again reminded of how perfect every moment is when we connect from a place of love and not fear. Praying we all experience intimate connections of love and peace today and everyday as we notice and release judgments. Xoxo

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