Jackie’s Credentials:  

Registered Nurse, Medium, Spiritual counselor, Interfaith Minister, Angelic Empowerment Life Coach & Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Angel Therapy TM Certified by Doreen Virtue, Past Life Regression Therapy Certified by Brian Weiss.


Jackie Eaton, RN, BSN is able to communicate with Angels & Deceased loved ones to bring their messages of love, healing & guidance through her psychic and mediumship gifts.  Incorporating techniques of Empowerment coaching, Reiki & Past Life Regression as well, she can assist you in getting rid of blocks so you can live as your empowered & authentic self.  Jackie is not the healer.  You are the healer.  She holds space and love for your heart, body, mind & spirit and shares the tools that have worked for her over the years, so that you can come back to your balanced, empowered, healed state.

She offers individual Angelic Empowerment sessions, Angelights Coaching & Empowerment Programs as well as Reiki & Past Life Regression sessions.  Jackie teaches numerous workshops & certification programs throughout the year as well as hosts Angelights Retreats and European vacations each year.

All sessions are held in Cumberland, RI by appt or over the phone. All workshops are held in Cumberland, RI as well, unless otherwise noted on Workshop Schedule page.

Jackie’s Personal Journey

Angelights was born in 2002 when I left my job as a Nurse Manager to share my gifts of compassion, spirituality and offer comfort in a nontraditional way. It was a huge turning point in my life & obviously, not an easy decision to make.  Many things prompted this decision.  A major Divine push came after the death of my 35 year old brother, John Charland, to cancer in 1998.

This journey created a deep spiritual awakening.  I knew that I must live my life authentically & help those suffering spiritually in a way that wasn’t possible in my traditional nursing career.  I realized that my Catholic background didn’t provide all the answers and the fear, guilt & self loathing that it evoked at times wasn’t based on what I felt deeply in my own personal loving relationship with God or my Creator.

I would look up at the sky as a young child, teenager and into adulthood, ask for help & ALWAYS received answers.  The answers came in so many ways like a friend calling when I needed it, songs on the radio, finding coins, repeated number sequences, or the sermon or reading at church being just what I needed to hear.  I didn’t realize that others didn’t have this experience and that I was called to help others create this in their lives until my brother’s death.

Being raised Catholic I was afraid I was too insignificant or sinful to ask God or Jesus but was unsure if I would offend them if I asked the Angels, the Saints or my deceased loved ones for help.  Instead I would just ask & wait.  When the answers came I would look up and say thank you.  This brought me comfort and the knowing that I was loved and watched over.  Even though I didn’t know who was answering me, I knew it was loving and with me always.

My faith in a loving God disappeared temporarily while watching my brother’s suffering. It came back on a rainy night driving home from Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston.  I was working full time, had 5 & 7 year old sons, was going to school at night & driving to Boston many times per week to visit my brother.  John was about to have his 16th major surgery the next morning.  I asked him if he wanted anything special for his last meal the night before surgery.

He asked for blueberry pie. I went one block in one direction in the pouring rain and then the other way.  Finally finding a bakery, I saw through the door a counter with a blueberry pie in it, I excitedly reached for the door.  It was locked.  It had closed 15 minutes before.  Angrily, I went back to his room with a blueberry Pop tart and a Snickers bar.  He was sound asleep.

Driving home I cried & screamed at the God I had thought was loving, “Are you there? Why couldn’t he have blueberry pie?  I want you to stop his suffering but that isn’t happening.  Can’t he have the pie?  Where are you?”  I was approaching an overpass and a truck was pulling another truck and they said, “G. O. D.  G.O. D.”  They were Guaranteed Overnight Delivery trucks.  Right then, a song came on the radio, “Look into my Father’s Eyes,” by Eric Clapton.  The tears really fell then.  I realized that my loving Creator’s hand was still in mine.  My brother needed the deep peace that only sleep can bring not stupid blueberry pie.

After my brother died I started to get clear messages & signs from him.  My psychic gifts started to develop too as I knew things about my nephew in NH that I shouldn’t have known. I knew when family members were struggling and had the words to soothe their grief.  I became very curious about my ability to connect with the Spirit world and wondered how I could develop this to help others especially with Mediumship or connecting with deceased loved ones.  Being a hospice nurse for years, I knew that losing someone we love is one of the hardest life experiences.

I was introduced to Doreen Virtue’s tapes and books and devoured them. I realized that along with my connections to God and my brother, I had been connecting with Angels my whole life.  They are the messengers of our Creator.  Angel starts with A~ you have to Ask for their help as they honor our free will.  Angel ends in the letter L~ you must Listen to their answer or guidance.  This is what all those signs were about my whole life.  I was always asking so they were always able to help me.

With faith that my purpose was to help others open up to their Mediumship & psychic gifts and to offer spiritual counseling I studied with Doreen Virtue in 2002 and became a certified Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner.  I spoke at one of her events in CA and was asked to speak in Hawaii at one of her certification courses.  I taught my first Angel Light Messenger Certification program on 4/4/04 at the urgings of my clients.   I continue to offer this course 2-3 times a year to help you develop your own Angelic, Mediumship and spiritual counseling gifts.  I also became an Interfaith Minister in 2004 to assist me in spiritual counseling.

I knew bringing physical comfort and peace was important to my mission also.  I learned Reiki  & find it is such a beautiful, easy way to bring love, healing & relief to my patients, family & friends.  It is an added bonus that it is a self loving modality which means you must be full of the Reiki energy in order to pass it on. Therefore, we give from our excess which helps to prevent burn out and all the other problems selfless care giving can create.  Reiki also opens our intuitive channels allowing us to more easily connect with the Spirit world.  I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2003.  It is one of my favorite classes to teach as it empowers YOU to be able to do Reiki also and all the levels are offered throughout the year.

Along my journey I had the opportunity to experience Past Life Regression sessions which helped me gain clarity in so many areas of my life.  I understood my resistance to telling others about my healing work, was able to release negative patterns that had bothered me for years and understood why certain people were in my life.  As it was so beneficial to me, I was guided in 2004 to study with Brian Weiss, bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters and became certified in his Past Life Regression program.   I offer these sessions in Cumberland, RI.

In 2006 I began hosting yearly Retreats in Sedona, AZ to gather love-minded Angelights friends to rest, recharge and BE in one of the most powerfully, healing places in the US.  I know that having fun, resting and being out in Nature in a beautiful setting are so healing for me and so important to all of us as Light servers.  These getaways expanded in 2011 to include trips abroad to  Italy and in 2012 to the Azores. Our Fall 2013 trip is to Iceland as well as the Sedona, Arizona Retreat in May.

I was blessed to attend an event in CA with Tony Robbins this past summer of 2012.  It was extremely empowering & life changing. I walked on 10 feet of 2000 degree hot coals & feel so free. I learned so many tools from the event that I went back 3 months later as a Crew Member for Tony Robbins & walked on hot coals again.  I knew I needed to be able to share all that I learned and took a coaching course with one of Tony Robbins coaches & am a Certified Life & Empowerment Coach.

This answered another of my prayers as I was hesitant to allow my clients to come for channeling sessions on a regular basis as I want to empower YOU to receive your own answers.  These Empowerment coaching sessions allow me to do just that. These sessions allow us to continue to walk together on your spiritual journey while you are supported to get clear what you desire, release blocks and move forward on your path as I share tools, love, guidance and life empowerment strategies.

This has been quite the journey as you can see.  I know I’m fulfilling my Divine life purpose with the sessions, workshops, products & tours as it is something I would do for free if I could.  This is nothing I set out to create.  I think when we are truly vulnerable & raw as I was with my brother’s death, God picks us up & plops us where we were always supposed to be.  It comes from the surrender when we are forced to turn off the auto-pilot of our life, realize we have choices to truly live it joyfully & with passion and purpose.  I wish the same for you.

If I can be of service to you, I am here.  For now, I am asking thousands of Angels to bring you peace, healing, joy and abundance in all its forms.

Love, love, love you all,