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Jackie pictureMy mission is to serve as a clear channel of God & the Angels’ light & love, connecting clients to their inner source of Spiritual power & healing through individual Sessions, Workshops, Retreats, Trips Abroad & Ongoing supportive & loving Coaching & Empowerment sessions.

Please take some time exploring our site.  You will find unconditional love, acceptance & the honest friendship of love-minded Angelights participants at all of our workshops & trips. You are not alone on this journey. We are happy to have you join our loving family.


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Thanksgiving 2016


It has been awhile since my last newsletter and so much has happened to us all individually and as a country in the US. I try to stay out of the political arena as it brings such strong emotions out in people and there is so much misinformation. It is hard to sift through fact or fiction now more than ever. In my attempt to rise above ego to find the higher truth, like the hawk in the sky that can see the whole town but also the tiny … [Read More...]

Sorrento, Italy Adventure 2017


    Join Angelights for another wonderful vacation to one of southern Italy’s top resort areas. Spend seven glorious nights in the beautiful medieval town of Sorrento. Discover an area where artists, writers, kings and emperors have made their homes for over 2000 years.  Our last trip was on 11/11/11.  It is by far my favorite trip we’ve taken so far and we all loved it so much, we are going back!  Hope you can join … [Read More...]

Summer 2016~ Your Piece of the Peace

peace 2

We are being challenged to hold on tight to our hope and faith that all is well despite outward appearances. It is taking all of our power to hold this knowing as the Fear and Love battle throughout humanity, our lives and the airwaves.  How are you doing?  So many are feeling weary as it seems all of our hard work spreading the light has been in vain. This is our fear speaking though, and it is just not true. Some clarity came to me … [Read More...]